Long Haired Chiwawa Puppies

Have you ever seen those miniscule dogs that pet owners usually bring around with them in their bags and those cute little dogs that are usually parts of Western movies and commercials? Those dogs are actually called Chiwawas. Chiwawas have become one of the most popular types of dog breeds, as they are very cute and pretty companions. Chiwawas can be classified into two, the Short-Haired Chiwawas, also known as Smooth-Coat Chiwawas and the Long-Haired Chiwawas.The history of the origin of these cute and lovable dogs is still a little bit on the mysterious and puzzling side. In the Pre-Columbian Indian nations, Chiwawas have been considered holy so they were used in sacred rituals. These dogs have been discovered in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, thus earning their name.

Long-Haired Chiwawas, as their name suggests have longer fur as opposed to the Smooth-Haired Chiwawas. This is the main reason why people find them more appealing than the Short-Haired Chiwawas. Though for Long-Haired Chiwawa puppies, it takes a long time up to 24 months for them to develop their full coats. But while most of the other long-hair types of dogs require a lot of maintenance, the long Haired- Chiwawas are more of the low-maintenance type.

Long-Haired Chiwawa puppies, as all types of dogs, are also prone to shedding. So make sure that you have a small vacuum cleaner to regularly clean their shedding. Brushing the fur with a bristle brush and combing it to remove any tangles is one way in order for you to keep the fur of your Long-Haired Chiwawa shiny and glossy.

Before you try to remove or trim the coat, it is actually better to give your pet a bath then to simultaneously brush the fur while blow-drying it. Because they are prone to irregular grooming, buying a small pair of scissors can be a great idea to use on your Long-Haired Chiwawa puppies. This will ensure a better trimming to keep your lovely dog its cute appearance. Also, these puppies and dogs alike are more prone to get lice, so make sure that you have a good anti-lice soap ready for use. Ensuring a healthy coat will not only make your dogs happy, it will also ensure that these nasty pests will not spread all over your furniture.

Feeding your pets the right way will ensure that your Chihuahuas and Long-Haired Chiwawa puppies will lead a good and healthy life. Their diet is mainly composed of brown rice and poultry. Since Chiwawas have a tendency to be sensitive to some foods, do not feed your pet with beef. In order to keep a healthy coat, monthly baths are suggested. As with all dogs being given a bath, they tend to move a lot, so be careful and make sure no water will seep into their ears.

Nail trimming should be done whenever needed, and of course monthly check-ups are essential too.Long-Haired Chiwawa puppies or adults may be low-maintenance type of dogs, but this is not the only reason many people prefer them. These pups and dogs alike are very loving and affectionate creatures, so make sure that you give them their share of love and they will give back their loyalty.


Long Haired Chiwawa Puppies are very small-sized dogs. It has always been a popular and an adorable dog, loved and owned by many celebrities. There are ongoing debates about the origin of the long haired chiwawa puppies. Some argue that an old Aztec civilization was the origin of the long haired chiwawa, while some others assert that it came from ancient Egypt. While the former group explains that the chiwawa was actually brought by Spanish settlers to Mexico from old Aztec, and then it came to the United States, the later group suggests it made its way from Egypt to Spain via Mexico.

Long haired chiwawa puppies look very similar to Pomeranians. The hair of long haired chihuahua puppies is commonly known as “long coats” or “smooth coats”. With their apple-shaped head, big eyes and tasseled ears, they look simply exquisite. They are the smallest dog in the world. Their size may vary between six inches and nine inches. Show dogs may weigh less than six pounds in average, however the weight of the normal pet dog may be as high as ten pounds or more for long haired chiwawa puppies


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Long Haired Chiwawa Puppies Personalities

While considering temperament and personality, there is no distinction between the short haired and long haired chiwawa. Both of them are very loving and affectionate. They have a jovial personality on one hand and also a very alert type on the other. They are the most preferred pets for the elderly and disabled people because of their friendliness and socialization. This breed also has a negative reputation of being very stubborn and van be tough to train. However, following a successful training, this breed, long haired chiwawa puppies turns out to be an excellent pets.